Thursday, November 03, 2011

Shows I Like - Prime Suspect

Now that I have moved back to LA, I am introduced to something called television. That's right. I have not watched actual TV for a decade (because I have been doing the hulu and netflix thing, which doesn't count.)

After several weeks, I find myself looking forward to two shows every week. Neither has great ratings (How unfortunate!), and I hope the station and the audience can give them a chance to see how far they can go.

Thursday night "Prime Suspect" has a fantastic casts. Why they decide to name themselves after Helen Mirren's original, I can never guess. Maria Bello sculpts her character as Detective Jane Timony perfectly -- a flawed character whom we slowly began to care for. The rapport of the team builds up well as the story progresses. At the end of day, it's watching how the team interact with each other that makes it real and fun. The actual cases became secondary. But hey, the formula works! Just like Grey's Anatomy. Yes, the audience care less on the criminal/medical cases -- it's the people and relationships that count.

Thursday night, NBC, 10/9c! :)

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