Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Shows I Like - Pan Am

When Pan Am aired in September, I was thrilled.

Glamourous 60s; fun in the sky; classy design. What's there not to be liked?

Turns out the show is a little inconsistent in scripts. The story has one too many focuses, and it is yet to define itself with a voice, a direction. In the mean time, I am hoping ABC will at least give it a chance to finish the season (as I am already on board!). The good news? I thought the last episode gained better altitude (the first three episodes were great, but after that it got lost for a while.), and I hope from here on it will have a solid ground (or a great take-off, whichever works better.)

Tune in! Sunday night, ABC, 10/9c!

(PS: That's all the shows I watch. Two is a max to stay on work schedule!) ;-)

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