Wednesday, October 09, 2013

East Coast in September, Part II

After 3.5 days in New York, I took a train to DC, which was very exciting!!!

Good friend Anna Wong and I walked about town after the Potted Potter show.

Anna lives in Alexandria, a colorful and pleasant neighborhood.

I loved drawing in a nearby coffee house.

While I held reservation to the at times conservative design of our nation's capital, I was enthralled by the prestigious Smithsonian collection.  

American History Museum: The Little Golden Books original artwork exhibit.

US Postal Museum: An exhibit on the Hinderburg and the Titanic.

Air and Space Museum: So inspiring, I wrote a story about a flight adventure.

NPR studio: Gotta pay homage to my daily source of news and podcasts.

Thank you for your generous hospitality during my 12 long days in the city, Anna.  There were still tons of museums and historical monuments I have not seen despite my very long stay.  Ah, I guess I'll save them for my future visits. ;-)

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