Tuesday, November 06, 2012

One Month Break in Hong Kong

For the entire month of October, I went back to Hong Kong, my lovely lovely birthplace.

Aside from all the wonderful gatherings with friends and family, I spent most of my time –– as usual –– at the local library and bookstores.

Some of the best things I love about the Hong Kong bookstores include:
- I get to catch up on a lot of Chinese books.
- I get to read books published in the UK.
- HK has a great selection of international picture books.
- Most of the American books are imported from the UK, so I get to see the UK covers and marvel upon a different approach on book cover designs.

I once told a good friend my version of heaven involves sitting on a puffy cloud under a warm beam of yellow light as I read and draw all day and night without ever feeling tired. :)

Family + friends + books + drawing time.  I was in heaven!

Some of the (many) books I bought and read in Hong Kong.


Lynda said...

it's so relaxing to just READ about your vacation. i loved your quote on facebook about US home vs HK home. hsien and i are leaving for taiwan in 2 weeks - will only be staying for 2.5 weeks (not a month like you, boo) but definitely looking forward to it ;)

Maple Lam said...

@Lynda: Have tons of fun in Taiwan~! :) :) :)