Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hong Kong: Meeting Prudence Mak

My small illustration gift to Prudence.

Week 2 in Hong Kong, and I am beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to lunch with one of my all-time favorite illustrator: Prudence Mak.  Thanks a million, Bernard, for introducing us!

It all began with meeting up with my long-term mentor and friend Bernard Suen.  We were discussing illustrators/designers whom I admired, and I did not hesitate to blurt out: Prudence Mak!  Years ago, a close friend of mine took me to Prudence's store located in Central (Hong Kong), and I immediately fell in love with her work.  I even vowed at the time I wanted to be as successful as her.

Can you imagine my mega-excitement when Bernard introduced me to her?

Prudence Mak grew up in Hong Kong, studied Fine Arts in Canada, and received a full scholarship at Central St. Martins, where she received her MA with distinction.  Her internationally renowned work, Chocolate Rain Design, is very unique in illustration style and contains a great message on recycling.

Prudence gave me a great many sound advise on being an illustrator/entrepreneur.  I will share these valuable advise in a separate blog post once I get back to the states.  :)

Thank you for the wonderful experience, Prudence and Bernard.  I am now super charged with idea-juice!

Lunch at Central.

In front of Prudence's Store in SoHo, Hong Kong.  She is very tall! (Or... I am really short...)

Illustration by Prudence Mak.

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