Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Searching for the Inner Child

Since coming back to Los Angeles, I have mostly been working quietly in my own studio – trying out different techniques, styles and materials.  Some days go by better than others, no doubt.  ;-)

In addition, I have been reading a lot of picture books and children's literature, all to help awaken my inner child.  This process has been super helpful in reminding me of what makes a good story or a good picture.

If you asked me, I think my inner child is about nine or ten years old.  

What about you?


Lynda said...

i would think about the same for me. i get really nostalgic, missing the elementary/jr high days and even old music... haha

Kathy Ellen Davis said...

I keep thinking my inner child is a picture book aged child, but I really think my inner child is more 9 or 10 too, or maybe 11 or even 12....before I stepped through those middle school doors, for sure!

I had this crazy realization and thought, "AH! Am I kidding myself by writing picture books? Should I only be writing chapter books and middle grade novels?"

Then I realized that I have loved picture books all my life, so that 9,10, or 11 year old was still geeking out over picture books, so it's ok.

Love the illustration by the way!