Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SCBWI 2012 Los Angeles Summer Conference

Oh, where to begin?

If you have never attended a SCBWI Summer Conference and is an aspiring children's book writer or illustrator, trust me, you have GOT TO GO.  I learned TONS, and have met so many talents!

My adrenaline shoot through the roof every single day during the entire four days of the conference.  Every keynote speaker pumped in liters of inspiration into my veins.  I was on an art-high!

My portfolio was reviewed by Laruen Rille (Associate Art Director at Simon & Schuster.)  Thank you, Laruen, for giving me such an honest and helpful critique.  :)

Saturday night was the illustrators portfolio showcase.  I was stunned and excited to be a recipient of the Mentorship Program Awards, along with 4 other super talented artists: Brian Won, Lisa Anchin, Jen Betton, and Karyn Raz.

Our amazing mentors include:
Cecilia Yung (AD and VP at Penguin Young Readers)
David Diaz (Award Winning Illustrator)
Laura Godwin (VP and Publisher at Henry Holt Books for Young Readers)
Pat Cummings (Illustrator, Writer and Instructor at Parsons School of Design)
Priscilla Burris (National Illustrator Coordinator)

We met up with each of our mentors to review how we could improve our work, and they were all extremely nice and helpful.  Thank you, dear mentors~!  What an amazing opportunity and insightful experience!  I couldn't wait to dash home and start working!!!

Along with the fantastic mentors and mentees, I also get to know many great artists and storytellers, such as Debbie Ohi, Molly Idle, Christina Forshay, Nancy Armo, Margie Daniels, Brooke Boynton Hughes, and Juana Martinez Neal, who won the Portfolio Award this year with her amazing artwork!  Looking at all the great artwork they did was such a mind-blowing journey in and of itself!

Time to get back to my studio table!  So excited!

2012 Mentorship Program Awards Recipients
From left to right: Lisa Anchin, Jen Betton, Paper-Brian Won, Karyn Raz, Me~


Julia Moraes said...

It must have been really amazing!!!!
I'm really happy for you, Mapes!
Huge CONGRATS!!!!!

Lynda said...

sounds like a great experience! see you soon maple ;)