Monday, February 27, 2012

In Search of THE BAG

For a long while now, I have been searching for "THE BAG".

As I love to work at various cafés during my creative process, there are a "few" things I constantly carry around with me. This means "THE BAG" has to accommodate all of the following:

- 12.5" x 9" clipboard (with several sheets of 8.5"x11" attached)
- 12"x9" watercolor sketchbook (size vary, but this is the maximum size)
- 3 watercolor brushes
- pencil-case
- small watercolor set
- small water container with water
- small water cups
- sheets of paper towels
- my Kindle or a small book
- my iPhone
- wallet

I have a perfect vision of how "THE BAG" looks like. It should be:

- leather (tan, brown or black)
- briefcase-like, with a handle on top PLUS shoulder straps
- preferably, the shoulder straps is not too thin (tough on the shoulder)
- no fancy buckles, patterns or bling. I want it really simple
- preferably with a magnetic snap for quick access
- the bag needs a "spine". I don't like slouchy look bags
- elegant, clean look
- can't be too big* (and yet it needs to fit all my essentials...)

So you won't be surprised I haven't found "THE BAG" yet...

If you have seen "THE BAG" I have been looking for, please let me know~!

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