Friday, February 03, 2012

Alex and the Gordian Knot

In about 333BC, this famous Alex conquered and ruled the Western world: Greece, Persia, Egypt, Palestine, Phoenicia, Babylonia, Assyria, Asia Minor, India... He started his military conquer at 19, and he died at 32.

Most of us barely make any big accomplishments at 32.

I particularly enjoy reading Alexander the Great, mainly because he seemed forever young. The man has courage (taming the wild horse Bucephalus when he was still a boy), wisdom (his teacher was the one-and-only Aristotle), and charisma (he was known for his long curly hair and being extremely handsome.)

And wit. Legend had it that there was a knot in the city of Gordium. The knot was so tightly and intricately knotted, no man at the time could untie it. It was said that whomever does so will become master of the world. During his early conquer years, Alexander purposely went to proof himself. He took one look at it (and probably thought to himself: Oh my! What to do with this knot? Can't loose face in front of my soldiers!), took out his sword, chopped it through, thereby "untying" the Gordian knot.

Cheating a little? Perhaps. But he did become master of the world.

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