Sunday, November 20, 2011

Test Sketches And Beyond

For the longest time, I prefer watercolor blocks so to skip a step in per-stretching papers. However, there are a lot of limits using the blocks, one of them being the limitation of size.

To make my preferable size, I ended up buying much larger watercolor papers, trimming them down and doing everything old-school (per-stretched, gum tape, etc.) What do I do with all the left over watercolor pieces in odd shapes? I do test runs on them. One after another, after another. Different medium, different brands of ink and color (while budget lasts.) It is a strange thing to see how some ink claims to be water-proof but smeared as soon as water touches it. (Yes, Speedball Super Black!!! That's you smearing all over the place!) (On the other hand, you are the darkest of all blacks I've used. So bravo when I use you for comics!)

These small scraps of watercolor papers are truly fantastic. I doodle on them; I draw on them while waiting for my "real" piece to dry. I cut them down further in slightly off shape and give them some character.

They are now a solid source of my creative process. :)

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