Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Reading Plan

When it comes to reading, I am an addict.

Libraries and bookstores are my constant hangabouts. Come shopping time, my friends know better to avoid Borders or Barnes & Nobles, for these stores serve as gigantic vortexes to me. Once I set foot in, the energy needed to drive me out becomes disproportional.

The worst part is this: I book-hop. Rarely do I find myself reading, or even finishing, an entire book. I skip around books everyday, collecting bits and pieces of knowledge, and I quite enjoy the process. It is like spa for the brain.

For 2011, I tried to force myself into reading within a pattern. The plan is to read only one category per month. For example, January could be politics. February, business. March, philosophy. April, physics. So on, so forth.

The plan is instantly proven useless. The 12 books I am currently reading are a big mixture of genres, ranging from sociology to economics to mystery to design theories to geopolitics. The only thing that seems to work so far is that I've promised myself to read at least one fiction a month, and I've completed this month's quota.

I derailed from my 2011 reading plan, but the outcome is still refreshing.

2011 is still off to a great start.

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