Saturday, April 17, 2010

Margo Muse

Are words capable of expressing the level of excitement in meeting with inspiring artists in the field?

Margo Chase, a celebrated and influential graphic designer, was invited by the Art Institute of Orange County to give a guest lecture regarding her design process and strategy in art direction. The 2-hour lecture is very informational and helps me understand more on how to bring a design project to the next level of the game. The intensive research and the process of compilation of the research data are particularly an eye opener for me.

And the opportunity to talk to her after the lecture! I asked her regarding how she approaches pitches in drastically different industry, and just as I suspected, sometimes imaginary projects are necessary to open that creative envelope(s).

I tried to look normal and smile when I talked to her, and I am sure I did just fine. But if she happened to look down (thank god she didn't), she would have seen that my legs were shaking. No, it was not fear. It was excitement. I was THRILLED Hearing her talk and seeing her studio's projects in the exhibition made me want to run back home and jump on 15 different projects.

Margo was like a muse tonight. It was as if the muse has struck me on the head with a baseball bat, leaving an aura of ideas circling my now fueled brain.

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