Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPad Pro Rhapsody

There was a college moment: I decided to be a creative, full-time, for life. One of the first things I did to help prepare myself was to switch to Apple. I figured Apple the Sleek was the industry norm, and knowing the platform could be tremendously helpful.

I am not saying that using Apple turned me into a creative, but it helps when the interface is so much more intuitive, not to mention the crisp graphics I am staring at everyday. Everything of Apple is splurged with design and up-to-par graphic standards.

Then there are times when I sat in the petite space of an aircraft, trying to work on my illustrations on my 17" MacBook Pro and the USB Wacom Tablet connected. I thought to myself: either they should enlarge this tiny tiny tray table, or Apple has to come up with something that is even more travel friendly.

Ah! Ask and you shall received! The iPad is finally released... BUT WAIT! It's designed not to create but to consume. If you want to check your emails, surf the web, play a video game, read a book... this handy gadget is perfect. The moment you want to do creative work, old school is still best school. Bulkiness, apparently, is still a mandatory course. For the moment, at least.

I wish there will be a creative professional iPad, just like using MacBook Pro versus using the MacBook, depending on the consumer's needs. The professional version can run all the Creative Suites programs (even Flash!), and it has a USB hub and a Firewire hub. Let's face it: Most of our work files get big fast, and without an external drive storing these data, the iPad's 64GB will be filled up too quickly. Personally, I lean towards the more stable firewire. So please, Jobs, bring it back.

It would be great too if I can multitask on this creative iPad. I know how often I switch between programs to get what I want, and it's almost impossible to work between the vector and pixel-based graphics without this function.

Lastly, I hope it comes with a mouse-pen, just like a palm-pilot (of which I never owned). Don't get me wrong: I love using my iPhone with my finger. But when it comes to drawing, (and yes I have tried using the sketchpad app), it just did not feel right. If there can be a mouse-pen in addition to using my finger for this iPad, Christmas would have come two Christmases early.

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