Friday, January 24, 2014

Process Post: Snow White

My SNOW WHITE piece for #NY14SCBWI

I will be going to the SCBWI Conference in NY this February!  How exciting!

This year, the Illustrators' Intensive assignment is SNOW WHITE & THE SEVEN DWARFS.  I decided to make a dramatic piece.

The first to come to mind was Giotto's THE MOURNING OF CHRIST.  I love the eye-leading structure and the theatrical poses, especially of St. John's extending arms.  I borrowed that pose for one of the dwarfs.

For the dwarf's clothing, I looked up many Pieter Breugel's paintings.  I had in mind these dwarfs dressed very "Peasant Bruegel", but with happier colors and patterns.

One of the many Breugel's pieces I referenced.

Then came Snow White.  This was the moment she fell onto the ground.  My online studio buddies Lisa Anchin and Jen Betton helped me look up tons of reference pictures.  (Thanks, ladies!)

One of the poses I referenced.

I tweaked the pose so that Snow White would point to the apple, completing the story within the composition.

Finally, it's the light.  I looked through many master watercolor paintings and tried to understand why and how they worked.  (Sample references:

A color test to see how I should play with the light.

An early thumbnail sketch of the composition.

Value study

The final artwork is shown at the very top of this post.

Still on the waiting list for the intensive.  Fingers crossed! :)

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