Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Representation by Joanna Volpe

I am extremely excited to announce: "I am officially represented by Joanna Stampfel-Volpe at New Leaf Literary & Media!"

Since last summer, I have begun my agents-research.  The agents I was in contact with were all very knowledgeable and extremely nice.  I am truly grateful they took their valuable time looking over my work.  Thank you.  I continue to love the work of the talents you represented, and I wish you the very best.

A week after attending the New York SCBWI conference, I received an email from Joanna.  She saw my portfolio at the conference and was interested in seeing more of my work/dummy.  I thanked her for her interest and emailed her the materials.  She replied with great feedback.  We conversed over the phone, and it was wonderful talking to her.  Joanna had a magical ability to bring out my creative courage as a storyteller.  She asked to see if I have any other stories up my sleeves.  I emailed her a few more dummies.

The detailed notes I received from her were incredible.  Her grasp of how stories should work, could work, and would work, was a mind-opener's dream of a mind-opener!

Long story short, I am now happily (ecstatically!!!) part of the New Leaf family.  I look forward to working with Joanna and her great team at New Leaf!

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Photo from "New Leaf Literary & Media" webpage


blahblah said...

You are represented by Tiny Fey!!

blahblah said...

By the way, that was Anna (your high school bud)!

Maple Lam said...

Hmmmm... Someone who called herself "blahblah" and loves Tina Fey –– I think I deduced that to be Ms. Anna! ;)

What happened to y**lamp** account?

JoSVolpe said...

Omg! I've been illustrated!!!

I am so excited to work with you, Maple. Thank you for this wonderful post!

Amber Turner said...

Welcome, from a fellow New Leafer!

Hardygirl said...

Love, love, love the illustration ... And Joanna!!

Sarah Frances Hardy

Lori said...

Yes, welcome!!!! And congrats!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Yay!! Another one of "Jo's girls!!" How lucky is SHE? How lucky are WE??
Congratulations, Maple!

Lynne Kelly said...

Okay, that is one of the cutest drawings ever.

Congrats on your agenthood, Maple! You'll love New Leaf. (Ooh, and if you become an agent in the future, and then vice president of New Leaf, you guys should totally change the name to Maple Leaf).

sarahlynnstern said...

Congrats Maple! I'm so happy for you!

Kathy Ellen Davis said...

Maple! That is so exciting!
Can't wait for some books with your artwork to come out!

Actually, here's the true story:
I can't wait until I'm a big enough deal that I can say, "Um, I was kind of thinking Maple Lam for this story, and Lisa Anchin for this story..."

Because that is, in fact, THE DREAM!
I will just have to write one about elephants, and since you are so amazing at drawing them, it will just be a natural match!

Seriously, so excited for you though!

Maple Lam said...

Thank you, everyone~! :D :D :D

Debbie Ridpath Ohi said...

Congrats, Maple!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I love Joanna's excitement at being illustrated. THAT makes it all worth it right there, doesn't it? LOVE!!! Congrats to you... this is SOOOO huge! Very excited for you! WOOT!!!