Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A New Year to Look Forward To

I am very excited to embark upon a trip up the snowy mountain this coming weekend, along with a group of talented children's book illustrator friends.  It's a Book Dummy Weekend, in which we plan to do nothing but lock ourselves in a cabin and work super hard to finish our ongoing dummy(s).  I cannot wait to read my friends' stories!  Thanks, Erin O'Shea, for making this weekend happen!  (I will follow up on this event in another blogpost, for sure!)

Personally, I have several dummies in process, and I especially hope to finish up the one about elephants.  That particular story has been brewing for a while, and this weekend is THE weekend to wrap it up! 

Another event I look forward to is the New York SCBWI conference at the beginning of February!  I have never attended the New York conference and simply can't wait to meet up with old friends and make new ones!  Whoohoo New York!

Happy 2013, everyone!


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Hi Maple! Lucky you to go on such a creative retreat. I think you can't go wrong with that adorable looking elephant. I am looking forward to seeing more!

Maple Lam said...

Thank you, Elizabeth. :)

Julie Rowan-Zoch said...

I'm jealous too! Maybe I just need to get an illustrator's group started, already have the snow and the mountains! Hope you had a blast!