Friday, November 16, 2012

Lost Weekend 2012

Thank you, David!  You are the best!
(Here's Super David with Super-dog Lily.)

Last weekend, one of our SCBWI mentor David Diaz invited the Mentorship Award winners and guests over to his house for a four-day weekend in San Diego (aka Lost Weekend).  Four fabulous days with all these amazing artists?  If this were a dream, don't wake me up!

Food!  Food!  Food!  More delicious food!!!

Us discussing art and children's books.

We all shared our techniques!  Here is Debbi Ohi giving a demo.

Jen Betton Rogers wowing us with watercolor.

Andrea Offermann demoing by the warm and cozy fireplace.

David Diaz doing magic.

Us taking a leisure morning walk on the lovely beach.

Jen Betton Rogers, Lisa Anchin and I spend the last day marveling around Balboa Park before heading home.

What a blast!  Thank you, David, for such an mind-blowing and lovely weekend!  Thank you too, Rubin Pfeffer and Jen Rofé, for giving us wonderful advise!

I absolutely look forward to the next gathering~  Those of you going to the New York conference February 2013, I'll see you there! :) :) :)

The Lost Weekend group:
David Diaz, Erin O'Shea, Andrea Offermann, Eliza Wheeler, Debbie Ohi, Chrstina Forshay, Jessica LananJuana Martinez-Neal, Andrea Zuill, Brain Won, Jen Betton Rogers, Karyn Raz, Lisa Anchin, me (Maple Lam), Bonnie Adamson, Alice Ratterree, Arree Chung, and Heidi Woodward Sheffield.

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