Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sketchbook Doodles – Downton Abbey

I love stories with a complicating line of characters (when done beautifully).  I love how their lives intertwined with one another, and how one's action unintentionally affects the life of another.  I myself have been writing a story with that in mind.

It is no secret that I love history.  It is no secret that I love England (I studied there briefly).  With all these elements combined, Downton Abbey is like a series tailored for me to love.  L-O-V-E.

Principally written by Julian Fellowes, who wrote one of my favorite movies Gosford Park, the TV series started off with the sinking of the Titanic and portrayed the complicating relationships between the abbey's upstairs-high-society and the downstairs servant-quarter.  What a masterpiece of period drama!  What a storyteller!

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