Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tribute to Masters Series -- Mary Blair

From the moment you look at the "It's a Small World" castle in Disneyland, you are looking at the beautiful work of Mary Blair. The whimsical shapes, the harmonious color, the witty design, the cute looking children celebrating their culture and love – such is the wonderful craftsmanship and imagination of Ms. Blair.

Disney legend Mary Blair (1911-1978) is a master of color styling. She worked as a concept designer on projects such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. After leaving Disney, she freelanced mostly on children's books and advertising campaigns.

There are only a few books published featuring Mary Blair's artwork. Needless to say, I devour them like bee to honey!

What makes something so simple so magical? I think it's her use of color and the pattern, in addition to her sophisticated illustrating skills. Repeatedly study and practice on color and composition, and hopefully I will become a stronger illustrator myself. ☺

Mary Blair

Artwork by Mary Blair


Claudio Acciari said...

I love your delicate drawings!

Maple Lam said...

Thank you, Claudio. I am a BIG FAN of your work! :D