Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sports Injury

Somewhere out there, an urban myth goes about that the more yoga you do, the more crazily addicted you become (unlike me, who has a tendency to fall asleep during the session.) In the end, you will be thrilled to go to each session — something that I do not resonate with. Not with yoga, anyway.

But when it comes to badminton, I am in sync. I crave for it every morning; I swing my racket at home just to make sure I don't forget certain moves. This is why it kills me when I sprained my ankle several weeks ago.

This is badminton's most common injury, especially when one, such as I, wears tennis shoes. I eventually bought a pair of badminton shoes, but I never gave much thought to that sprained ankle of mine. Let it be! It'll heal. After another 2 weeks of vigorous playing, I realized IT DOES NOT HEAL. It continue to be painful at certain angles. Ultimately, I have to stop playing for a while in an effort to let it heal completely before I walk back to the court.

Patience is all my sprained ankle asks for. Restlessness is all me.

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