Saturday, June 16, 2007

Animal Kingdom

I am quite a project-oriented person, and I love coming up with different projects. Among the many things swirling in my bizarre mind, I have this idea of a project on mammals. Because the project is still taking form in my head, I don't have a direction of what purpose it does ultimately. For now, I have immense interest in reading books about them and taking notes on interesting facts. I do quick sketches of my vision of them in my small sketchbook for the fun of it. Above, a Brazil capybara (a rodent/mouse-like family larger than alligators), a South America llama, and a scan of my Moleskine notebook.

If the project ended up not going anywhere, at least I had fun and learned something. :-)


Jackson Sze said...

Wow, the notes are so interesting. The project looks fun too. If anything, you'll get a great learning experience too. Win-Win!

Poor guys actually die of fright? Yikes....

Alina Chau said...

So cute and charming, beautiful works!